50 Best Pictures of Super Moon from Around the World

Super Moon Glastonbury Tor the Guradian.uk

Super Moon Glastonbury Tor from Nicholas Taylor at The Guardian

Super Moon a Rare Event

This rare event of the Super Moon, occurring once every 20 years or so, has united the world through beauty in a time of strife.

Silhouetted against a pre-historic looking Moon, onlookers are dwarfed by this enormous Perigee Moon at Glastonbury Tor. The photo from TheGuardian is poignant.

Super Moon – 50 Best Pictures

Here are some of best pictures from around the world SUPERMOON

or http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/beautiful-pictures-of-the-supermoon-from-around-th (Buzzfeed compiled the pictures)

My favorites are Athens, Seattle, Pennsylvania and the Netherlands – spectacular.  Both amateurs and professional photographers contributed to this site, so this is a true melting pot experience.

If you have wanderlust, this is an instant vacation around the world, from many points of view.

At least two of the 50 photos from the above article were not of the Super Moon or where created by overlaying two photos to make an effect.

Our local photographer in Seattle shared with everyone that he overlayed two photos in order to make the Super Moon appear closer to the Space needle for effect.  Indeed, it has a wonderful effect and put it on my list of the top 3, mostly because I live in Seattle. SeattleMoon

Anthony Ayiomamitis Super Moon

Super Moon over the Parthenon by Anthony Ayiomamitis

Picture #15 from Buzzfeed in Athens, Greece is actually from an earlier full Moon, by A. Ayiomamitis, world famous astro-photographer.

Source Ayiomamitis’ work is breathtaking and meticulous at the same time.
He is documenting the rising and setting Moon against the archeological landscape of Greece HERE .

Facebook and the Super Moon

The Super Moon news featured in CNN headlines and splashed all over Facebook woke us up to our connectedness.
We all viewed the Moon as it rose that Saturday night.  Many tweeted their view or asked if others saw the Moon the next few days.

The Super Moon Name

This Super Moon was dubbed in 1979 by Western astrologer Richard Nolle.  The Super Moon occurs when the Moon is closest to the Earth in its orbit and a Full Moon peaks at the same time.  The cycles of nature bring this about approximately every 18 years.  It is a fun name and appropo since it is 14% larger when viewed on the horizon, says NASA  http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2011/16mar_supermoon/

Thank you Gwen MacGrath Nagano of Rasayana Seattle, for posting the link to 50 pictures of the Super Moon to your Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Rasayana-Seattle/342361446388

Copyrights belong to the original photographers and news sources, all links and names provided in article.

Share Your Awe

Which picture do you like best? 

Super Moon in Pennsylvania

The Athens, Greece one is one of my top favs from the buzz feed article, even though the image is of a non Super Moon.  Please share your photo or comment of the wonderful Perigee Moon.

Pennsylvania Picture Source

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