Be Here Now Meditation

Here is your FREE meditation.  You can keep your eyes closed for this treat, or watch the lovely Hawaiian wind on water.

There is a magical moment at the 4:15 minute mark in the video that I just love!  Look for it.

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Enjoy this guided visualization and check your email.

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It is my intention that you feel like the image at the end of your experience.  Let me know.

Becoming present only takes 4 minutes to learn, the first time you follow along.  When you have listened just once, you can apply it within seconds.  With practice you can apply the technique any time, any where within seconds.  Seriously.

Once you ‘get’ what I am describing, you can do this while driving, washing your dishes, speaking with others, and your every day life activities.  It is worth the first 4 minutes of listen.


Enjoy and Be Here Now.

Be Here Now Bliss

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