Your Power Colors

What are your Power Colors?

Dress with Resonance

Color is a way to invoke harmony in your day.  Did you know that if you choose to wear the Color of the Day, that you activate the chakras, qualities and talents related to that day?

Power Colors

Ever notice how you wear or are drawn to some of the same colors, over and over?  These might be what I have dubbed your Power Colors.  You might be gravitating to help strengthen abilities you already have.  Notice how wearing a ‘new color’ for us, changes how we feel and how others respond to us?

The concept of Power colors is much more than are you a “winter, spring, summer or fall”.  Some colors are more comfortable for each of us, and some colors make us feel downright scared or even strange.  Uncomfortable in a particular color?  There might be a reason why.  The uncomfortable color might be not part of your power color family.

At the same time, as I have mentioned, we can both have our favorite colors we wear and we can act in resonance with each day by wearing a splash or sentiment of the Color of the Day.  After traveling through the seven days of the week, you will have experienced some of your power colors and other colors that stretch you, and align you with the energy of the day.  This leads to a much more balanced life.


Two Basic Color Camps

Notice how some people pull off Red with confidence and others make a statement with Black?  Often those who wear white, pastels and earthy colors are not quite as comfortable in the bright Red, Oranges and Yellows.  There is a reason for it.

Everyone is a member of one of two Color Camps, and who’s Power Colors are the exact opposite in how we respond to them.

Earth Color Group

The Artist Group’s power colors are White, Clear Crystal, Black/Dark Blue and Emerald/Ever Green.  We could also call them the Earthy group.  This group could also be called ‘the experiencers’.  These people find great merit in experiencing life.

Fruit and Flower Group

The Fruit and Flower Group’s Power Colors are Red, Orange, Yellow and Sky Blue.  The Fruit and Flower Group could also be called the Mind Group or thinkers, who find merit in thinking about what they do and why.

Of course, most of us have skill sets valued in both groups.  So, why would you limit yourself to only ‘experiencing’ or only ‘thinking and learning’ about life?  Both are parts of our spiritual path.

That is why we are meant to wear the spectrum of colors all week long!  When you choose a color to wear in resonance with the day, then you are aligning with skill sets, mind sets, abilities and parts of yourself associated with each chakra.  This way, by the end of the week, you have activated all parts of yourself and will not fall into a rut.

If we only spend time with people who will echo what we think, we will not grow.  Likewise, try wearing some different colors and see how you grow.

Red on Tuesdays

Try to wear red on Tuesdays and saffron, yellow or gold on a Thursday and see how you feel.  Tuesday around the world is connected with different versions of the planet Mars or the God of War or of warrior energy.  Thus it is a multi-cultural norm to connect with the color red on Tuesdays.  And Red is also connected with being a passionate warrior of service, or an advocate for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Black or Dark Blue on Saturdays

You habitual Red and Orange wearers will find a sense of calm and new view to life to wear dark blue on Saturday.  It will be different to not turn heads when you walk into a room, and will help you grow spiritually by not getting noticed with everything you do.  This will help develop a different focus on who benefits from your actions and where you want the benefit of your actions to be.  A sense of self-lessness and importance on service will develop when you wear black or dark blue on Saturdays.

You can maintain resonance with the planets by the colors that you wear each day of the week.

Most Vedic astrologers choose a gemstone and colors that are resonant with each day (and have other practices which can bring perpetual harmony with the Rhythms of the Day).

Color is a powerful expression, tool and medium.  Countless studies confirm the message a color conveys in our marketing materials.  Navy Blue for instance on a business card conveys trust.

Color communicates to our consciousness.  The color of clothes that we choose to wear communicates something about us, non-verbally.  If you are dressed in resonance with the day, you might just find that your day is a little smoother.  Why not try it?  At the very least, you will discover what colors you do not have in your wardrobe and that will teach you something about yourself.  You can also wear a piece of jewelry with the color of the day, if you do not have the clothes with the color of the day.

Notice how you feel when you put on those ‘other colors’ you usually do not wear.  Have fun.  What do you have to lose?  You only have resonance to gain.

Esoteric Point about Colors

We all have experienced color affect our mood.  For instance, bright spring flowers in rainy climates cut through the gray of spring showers.  Colors affect our psyche and light up different parts of the brain.

The science of Color communicates through the wavelength of light that is reflected.  Our eyes are activated by the color we see, but our mind experiences the opposite color inside our brain.  So, Red has a cooling effect on the mind when looked at and then meditated upon.  Green has an activating effect on the mind, when we observe the Green and then close our eyes and let the vibration rest within.

Below you will have access to this profound and yet simple information, to allow yourself to be in Resonance with the Planets each day.

Monday                       Moon               Sky blue, light blue

Tuesday                       Mars                Red, coral

Wednesday                 Mercury           Middle Green or Evergreen

Thursday                     Jupiter             Yellow, saffron or gold

Friday                          Venus              White, clear, crystal

Saturday                      Saturn              Black, Dark Blue

Sunday                        Sun                  Ruby red, orange

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