Prosperity, Aligned Living and Happiness can be cultivated all at the same time.

Learn how a 7 minute practice builds gratitude, immunity, balances your mind and magnetizes your individual kind of prosperity to you all at the same time.

Kathleen’s unique and magical program (really they are life hacks that are SO easy to use) helps you actualize your purpose, prosperity and joy.


The Little Book of Happiness Program teaches you more than a mantra for abundance,

it teaches you the easy, daily habit which has been proven to help anxiety, PTSD and depression and additionally weaves it with a powerful mantra that raises your vibration.
Kathleen includes the mental approaches to the practice which brings exponential results to expanding your gratitude, your abundance, to finding and actualizing opportunities and way of living that has ripple effects throughout your family, romantic and work life.

You see the practice of the mantra itself is powerful, but when you add the first step she teaches along with the KEY secret that helps you align your heart, purpose and being of service in the world, that is when the magic happens, and prosperity and true wealth (not always the kind you can count!) expand exponentially in your life!

Get ready for love, gratitude and your immunity to take on a whole new glow!



 The Little Book of Happiness Program teaches you the secrets to vibrational practices of joy and keeps you connected with how to align with abundance every day!

Your Happiness Habit Program is valued at over $297 and you receive over three hours of teaching for just $47.


Jumpstart Your Happiness E-book – Value $19

This jam packed e-book presents the 4 most foundational things you need to know and implement to lay a solid foundation for happiness. From a magical number for happiness, to the power of a deep support network, and what real purpose and meaning can do for you this book will get you the jumpstart you need to then make the most of the rest of the program.







The Little Book Of Happiness E-book – Value $27.00

This multi chapter book lays out for you 5 of the most powerful Happiness Habits that have proven by positive psychology to dramatically increase happiness if properly understood and practiced every day. The Little Book Of Happiness then presents to you the ultimate Happiness Habit that has been around for thousands of years and when done in just 7 minutes a day creates miracles in all areas of life. This book is simple to read, educational and practical so that everyone can implement it into their life and see immediate results.





3 Part Happiness Program Video Course – Value $297.00

If you like to learn by watching and listening then this part of the program is for you. All the amazing information in the book is clearly communicated in a powerful video series that you can access 24/7 and enjoy to take your program experience to the next level.

Come and deepen and align with your innate abilities


Conscious Calendars

With this new perspective you can increase your Conscious acts.

Ready, Set, Flow into your abundant and beautiful life!

Learn about the latest Vedic Astrological trends and how to use them on a daily and weekly basis when you subscribe to the Calendars. You can see and use Vedic Astrology Principles at a glance, no need to be an expert – you can use the principles and gain benefit within the first 5 minutes of seeing the calendar. To get a FREE month of Conscious Calendars, go to



Qi Gong ViewQi Gong every Wednesday

Weekly at Kathleen’s office in Seattle, WA, USA.

This is a intermediate class, so please contact Kathleen via the contact form on the website to find out more about the class and cost.

The office is located at 16840 Bothell Way NE, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155






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