2012 Bang

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Will 2012 end with a Bang?


One extra comment to make about Dec 11 and Dec 12, 2012:

These are quiet days in terms of the Light of the Sun and Moon and…

On Dec 11 and 12 there are also 4 planets and Rahu IN the constellation of Scorpio.  So, even though this is a day with little Prana, Chi or energy in the year, these two days still affect many people on the planet.

Dec 11 and Dec 12 are Yellow Days.  These days will be filled with complications and an extra obstacle or two all while you might be tired.

There are many ideas flying on Dec 11 and 12, with groups of people wanting to create together, but only one real mission and task will manifest from these two days.

Stay focused on ONE outcome for Dec 11 and 12th and rest well, and you will be successful.

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