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Lunar New Year 2017

The Chinese Lunar New Year of 2017 begins on Saturday January 28, 2017 this year.

Welcome Year of the Fire Rooster!

Year of the FIRE ROOSTER only occurs once every 60 years and the entire Taoist Animal Calendar is actually 120 years, which matches the Vedic Planetary Cycles of life in each person’s birth horoscope.

Those born Jan 31 1957 – Feb 17 1958 and after Jan 28 this year, are Fire Roosters.

Famous people born in the year of the Fire Rooster are:
Vanna White, Fran Drescher, Ray Ramano, Spike Lee, Gloria Estefan, Donny Osmond, Russell Simmons, Steven Fry, Katie Couric, Caroline Kennedy, LeVar Burton, Steve Buscemi, Denis Leary, Mukesh Ambani as just a few examples.

Fire Roosters are keen observers, proud to be upright citizens and will tell you the truth so plainly that it sometimes stings a little. Roosters are dreamers even though they are incredibly pragmatic and practical. They are social, enjoy talking and devoted, and when in love can shower who they adore with generous gifts and care.

Fire Rooster 1897, 1957, 2017

Fire Rooster in a “1” Year can be like a meteor.

With Fire giving vim and vigor – this Rooster has fierce focus, is motivated toward the long term goal and can be a great leader, as long as you agree with how they want to lead.
The eclipses this year from the Vedic Astrology point of view simultaneously bring focus to leadership – and how a big vision can be lost if the details and understanding of the inner workings or moving parts are not understood.  The mis-match of Leo/Aquarius eclipses desiring to just say it and make it so and the detail oriented, make sure all the parts work together – ‘down in the trenches’ kind of ability that the Rooster brings could cause some friction between bosses and workers and the executive/visionary/leader and those who implement the plans and project managers.

The friction will be the greatest between boss and worker or visionary and project manager in February and August of 2017.

Fire Roosters will be able to act with precise power, be independent and will excel in their management skills. The negative side of the fire rooster could flare up as appearing to be melo-dramatic, thin-skinned, nervous and unstable temporarily.

Since success is such a driving force for the fire rooster, the single-minded ability to focus on what needs to get done to achieve new heights will fuel the fire. This kind of Rooster will cling to his/her views and seize control over their own fact-finding and feasibility studies. Since this Rooster remains fixed in their opinions, they will not be easily swayed by others input but will still be the ethical and professional that they are.


What the Rooster may lack in flexibility, they make up for it in that they are contributing to noble causes and are steadfast in supporting good causes and being an upright citizen. When you receive a Fire Roosters support, you will succeed this year by applying their talents in all the right ways.

Chinese New Year always begins on a New Moon.

Chinese New Year is considered the greatest human migration in China.

For instance, Beijing is a city of 21.7 million currently and when the migrant workers of Beijing return home to their families in the country – it leaves a dent on the streets, since they leave by the millions.

Chinese take more than three billion trips during this period, more than 200 million by rail, so just getting a ticket is a bit like winning the lottery.”…

“There is a saying in China: “Rich or poor; get home for the holiday” ( 有钱没钱,回家过年). It has become a bit of a cliché. But for Chinese, and Chinese migrants in particular, going home for the Lunar New Year, or Spring, festival is near mandatory and often the only time of the year they can be with their families.” (from CNN 2014)

A majority of Chinese travel home to be with family in time to celebrate the Lunar New Year together. It is like Christmas is celebrated in Western cultures. Everything shuts down on New Year in order to be with family and start the New Moon Year with a fresh start.

It is not just one day

Lunar New Year is not just celebrated on one day. It is celebrated for an entire month. I explain more below. On Lunar New Year, you are already half way through the celebration!

Things to do during the Month long celebration of Lunar New Year

Debts are paid, grievances forgiven, celebrations and firecrackers abound. The noise at Chinese New Year is to scare away the negative influences – which are different according to which animal year is being celebrated.

The celebration typically begins two weeks before the New Moon of Chinese New Year, and is celebrated for another two weeks beyond January 28, 2017 this year. The celebrations actually finish mid-February this year on Valentine’s Day; with the Full Moon.

Celebration is based on the Moon Calendar – from Full to New to Full Moon

The Full Moon on January 12th begins the celebration. Cleaning and clearing up to the New Moon are an important part to be ready for the new energy of the year.

The celebration is a month long really – starting at the Full Moon in January, culminating in the celebration just before and on the New Moon with a fresh new start to the year with private parties at home with family and friends.

The completion of the celebration within community and business relationships is on the Full Moon in February 2017.

Clear out the Old

Cleaning is typically a big part of preparation for Chinese New Year.

So, sweep out what is old and no longer working for you. Choose a new pair of shoes and clothes to wear as you step out into the world this Chinese New Year.

Forgive past grievances, and make good on your financial debts. This is all part of making the best of the New Year.

If we all did this every year, we all would be lighter in our hearts and minds.

So, what are you letting go of as the Moon wanes from Full to the quiet day just before the New Moon?

Some details about the solar-lunar calendar and Chinese New Year

Red day before New Moon

The RED day on the Conscious Calendar fell the day before Chinese New Year, because the RED day lands the day before the New Moon 90% of the time. The RED day for January is January 27, 2017.

The First Lunar Day begins in North America and the Canadas on Jan 28th because the New Moon occurs there at 7:07 pm Eastern Standard Time, but it is the Sunrise on the first day with the New Moon which defines the Chinese New Year!

Nurture your Dreams

And then, what are you calling into your life with the fresh new start this spring? Let the Earth support your new projects like seeds well planted, watered and loved.

Grow your Health

May your dreams blossom, and health be with you in every breath, is my wish for you this New Year.

The Chinese New Year of the Year 2017 will be Saturday, January 28, 2017, year of the Fire Rooster.

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