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Mercury Goes Direct in Aries May 22, 2016

~ Happy Times – Mercury has gone direct! ~

Here’s the deal: We still have the last phase of Mercury to finish, as the image of Mercury Retrogrades illustrates.

Anatomy of a Mercury retrograde
You are now integrating what this Mercury retrograde lit up in your life.

This is when Mercury now retraces the portion of sky (and our lives) that it just ‘retrograded’ through.

This means that the lessons, messages, NEW understandings, new ways to communicate that you just received in the last 10 days can get aligned and implemented.


Here are a few things you can do to make a difference and make the most of this Mercury retrograde cycle:

  • Reach out and close those loops of communication to friends, family and clients.
  • Update your systems if you have found some glitches – or schedule things for the coming months and year where you happened to miss something.

For instance, if you missed a friend’s birthday message or a personal holiday, add it to your schedule for next year.

Here are a few examples:

I just made sure that I include the Buddha Full Moon on next year’s posts and monthly updates, and have improved how I book appointments and tasks in my schedule.

I also updated a new food budget for our household.

It is fun to get organized or improve it!
What are you doing to improve communications, your time management, or your financial budgeting?

I sent out a newsletter mentioning that Mercury is direct in Aries as of May 22, 2016.

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This is all related to Mercury going direct and integrating these positive changes in your life.

Jupiter is Direct now too

Hop to it, now that Jupiter is also direct as of May 9th, we have two of the four retrograde planets at the beginning of the month helping set things upright.

Additionally, the light of the recent full moon supports what we are creating in our lives again.

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