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June 21 Green Day in Conscious Calendars

June 21 is the second of two Green Days in the Conscious Calendars system this month

Ok, this Moon is not traditionally in Green Day territory because this kind of Moon can have a rough and tumble energy to it, and shake things up in our lives – but we happen to also have the beautiful Venus shining its light from Gemini and wise Jupiter sending rays of light to the Moon from Leo onto the Moon in Purva Ashada in Sagittarius today – finally.

The double positive energy gives this a Green Day stamp, plus the Moon is in a sign of Jupiter, Sagittarius.

This all adds up to a kind of wild Green Day!

Taurus and Cancer ascendants or Moon people might feel a bit off today, but everyone else will get stuff done, and move significant projects forward.

Purva Moons

All moons of this flavor (called Purva) have an intensity to them – so this is not a traditional Green Day with smoothness and ease.

Purva Ashada Moon in Sagittarius

Those born with this Moon are often famous because their name is fanned around quite a bit, but they are not wilting flowers either.  They often speak their mind, and speak a bit louder than average too; this adds to being noticed and remembered, if not in a positive way, they are remembered.  This contributes to their own unique form of fame.

To recap:
June 21 is a Green Day in the Conscious Calendars system.

Now, a Green Day usually brings ease, tasks easily completed and some form of luck and happiness to the day.
This Green Day is a bit different since connects with Venus behind the Sun, and the planet Jupiter in Leo, but this day’s moon is in Purva Ashada, a place of intensity.

So this wild Green Day will be blessed but is a bit less stable than most Green Days.
Use it to your advantage still, since this is the second of ONLY two Green Days in June 2016.

Conscious Calendars

To learn more about Conscious Calendars, sign up for your free Calendar and try it out.  Test in your life and see what you think of the Green, Yellow and Red days. There is a key that comes with the calendar and videos to help guide you through the system – but it is REALLY SIMPLE – Red means pause and lay low or stop, look and listen; Yellow means look out for complications and be aware, and Green means all systems GO!

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